Crissy had to be put to sleep at 21 yrs old

by Mary
(Redding, Ca)

I found Crissy, who was thrown out in the streets at 4 weeks old. I took her home and she adapted to the home life. Crissy, knew every family secret and always layed with me when I was sick, sad or happy! I told her everything. She used to ride in the car with me when she was little, followed me around like a dog, waited for me in the window sill to come home at night. Unconditional love. I would put up the Christmas tree and she waited patiently so she could sleep under it. After all is was her house, her tree, her everything. She was my everything and after 21 years of love, I have lost her. She will be missed. I love you, Crissy.

Comments for Crissy had to be put to sleep at 21 yrs old

by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to you. But you were so fortunate to have her for all those years, and she sounded like a feline soulmate of sorts. It will be painful, the road ahead without her, I know because I have been through it. Every day will get a little easier. I'm sure she would want you to love another one day.

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