To clean, remove all litter once a week, clean the box and refill. If you want to try out crystal cat litter but don't know where to start, a good brand to try is fresh step litter.


-no clumping action
- more eco briendly because it naturally bio-degradable
- this litter tends to be a bit tidier with less mess
- when it comes to fighting odor, crystals cat litter does a good job absorbing the odor and masking the undesirable odor of cat urine
- unlike many litters, you only to to completely replace this litter approximately once every month
- if you have allergies or just want less dust in the house, you will like crystals cat litter
- the manufacturer even says you can flush the litter down your toilet
- at a time when it seems like everything around us is toxic to our health, crystals are said to be non-toxic

- it does tend to be higher priced
- there are reportedly some health risks associated with this type of litter

What are these health risks?

Most cat litter crystals are composed of silica gel which is a combination of water, oxygen, and silica dioxide sand. Clumping litter is sometimes the product of silica gel crystals and sodium bentonite. There have been reports by cat owners of coughing, problems with the urinary tract, GI problems such as constipation or diarrhea associated with the use of litters containing sodium bentonite.

I have used many different brands of clumping litter from time to time over many years and have never had a problem. However, I strongly advise against using clumping litter around young kittens. The litter may get stuck to their paws and, as they clean themselves, it may be ingested leading to intestinal problems.

There are actually some health benefits due to using crystals litter. The lack of dust is a plus for cat owners with asthma or allergies to dust. There is also less change of bacteria and molds growing in litter crystals.

Many cat owners like crystals cat litter. Its popularity is most often due to the longer length of time this type of litter can last. We all would like having to change the litter box less often. Since your litter box doesn't have to be changed as frequently, the manufacturers of crystals cat litters tend to make more conveniently-sized bags. Much easier to lift for those who cannot or should not carry heavy things.

Caution, however. You may like crystal kitty litter, but your cat may disagree. The crystal particles may feel uncomfortable to your cat's paws. Also, the crystals eventually reach their absorbency limit and the urine starts to pool in the box. I personally have never seen that happen, but obviously if you go too long before changing the litter, it can.

Some manufacturers, such as Scoop Away, Tidy Cats and Ever Clean, offer combinations of clay and crystal that results in a litter that clumps and has powerful absorbency features. This may be the perfect combination for you and your cat. It's worth purchasing a small amount to see what you and your cat think of it.

I have found to have the largest selection of crystals cat litter if you want to look at more information and all the brands.

If you would rather look at natural litters such as those made from pine, wheat, corn, and many others, there is a wide variety of Natural Cat Litters available also.

World's Best Cat Litter, seen to the right, is made from corn. Feline Fresh Scoopable Clumping Pine Cat Litter is made from pine, is non-toxic and completely safe for all pets and people, even if ingested.

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