Declawing is not a Topic for "Creative Writing"...

by Dave

It is mutilation pure and simple.

As is clearly, and perhaps a little too "cleanly," detailed in the article attached to the contest page, declawing entails the amputation of the cats fingers and/or toes at the third knuckle. Not only will the cat lose a substantial component in it's defensive arsenal, it will also lose the tactile abilities that come from those very sensitive extremities.

And for what? So a selfish, shallow and lazy owner can avoid having their furniture damaged.

Clawing is a natural instinct for cats, and can often be addressed by introducing appropriate surfaces, i.e., scratching posts etc., in place of the cat's chosen target. But even if a cat cannot be deterred from clawing on inappropriate surfaces, there is no excuse for mutilating an animal for simply following a natural instinct.

I find it appalling and obscene that vets still perform this barbaric procedure and I firmly believe that any person who would even consider declawing a cat is not fit to have one. They are akin to the ignorant owners who allow their unaltered cats to roam freely outdoors, producing litters of unwanted, at risk kittens into an environment that is already over-taxed and incapable of supporting them.

Comments for Declawing is not a Topic for "Creative Writing"...

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Sep 26, 2011 Pro declaw
by: Lily

When cats are made to live with us in our homes this is a somewhat unnatural environment for them. Making your cat an acceptable member of the family is a valid need. Declawing (when properly done) is not cruel, there is no pain, and the cat is properly taken care of.

It is far less traumatic for the cat than articles like these imply. The cats do not require their claws to walk properly or really to do anything other than hunt or fight. I have never had nor heard of a cat who was psychologically traumatized by not having his claws. In fact, the declawed cats I have come into contact with have always been fat, happy, indoor cats who are spoiled rotten and who generally love life. No behavioral issues, no psych issues, no physical issues, nothing to indicate that they were "destroyed" by having their claws removed. Obviously, you shouldn't declaw an outdoor cat, BUT you should keep your cat indoors anyway, right? Let's talk about the inhumanity of letting your cats outside!

If a cat can live indoors, be loved, be fed, and have a home for life, I have no issue with it being declawed. If the alternative is to leave it wallowing in a shelter to die or to be forced to live outside (which is unhealthy and dangerous for a cat) or be in an indoor/outdoor cat (which is disgraceful if you love the cat), then I would opt to declaw every time.

In addition, the same people who are so anti-declaw surgery for cats are probably the same people who think dogs with no tails or cropped ears look "cute" and have no issues with the fact that, for purely aesthetic reasons, people routinely cut off the tails and ears of dogs. You endorse this "brutality" for dogs every time you purchase or adopt a pitbull with cropped ears or a doberman with cropped ears and a docked tail or any number of dogs that this happens to.

And again, I would rather see a cat humanely declawed and live its life out in a home with people who care about it, where it has no worries other than where is the catnip mouse, has routine vet visits, and is generally taken care of, than to see it kept in a cage, euthanized at a shelter, thrown outside or any other terrible things that could and do happen.

Sep 14, 2011 De-Clawing .....NO !!!!
by: Ethel

LARS, Thank You so much for letting your "VOICE" be heard ...
Why so many pet owners are so blind to this I do not understand.... I have a DIL who has her 5 cats de-clawed and I'm such an advocate against it! Believe me, I wanted to declaw HER each time she did it.. Talk myself silly to no avail! She didn't want her house ruined. To me THAT IS NOT an animal lover!!

Sep 13, 2011 Agree
by: Lars

Agree 100% I have a 17 year old cat that has trouble walking because of a botched declawing his previous owners had done.

Such a sweet cat, he didn't deserve to damaged for life like that.

Sep 12, 2011 Declawing is not a Topic for "Creative Writing".
by: Ethel Isaacs

Very well said Dave! As you read in my article, I am so in tune with you! I feel EXACTLY as you do.... It is TORTURE, PLAIN and SIMPLE. No getting around it.

I have not received but 1 "like" on my article.... I'm sure many feel as we do but are not voicing their opinions... Hopefully, our pleas will be heard.. Thank You for voicing your opinion.... As Melanie says , WE ARE THEIR VOICES!!!