Defecation AND Urination Problems: litter box problem HELP!


We have two cats, a himalayan female who is about 12 years old. The other is an orange tabby around the same age. We constantly have one of them either urinating or defecating on the floor. The himalayan will purposely urinate on objects that fall on the floor or that are left on the floor (by the kids). Anything is fair game for her, jackets, clothes, paper, kids backpacks, shoes, treadmill, any cords that touch the ground, curtains (urinating up against them) absolutely anything gets urinated on. The Tabby (male) defecates outside the box all the time. We've even noticed that he will be defecating as he runs through the house which leaves it everywhere. We have 2 litterboxes for them. The one for the female has a cover & the one for the male (or the one he uses) does not since he is a larger cat.

Any help or ideas as to how to stop this. It has ruined carpet, clothing, etc.

Thank you.

Hi, J.D.

I am in no way trying to put you off or not take your letter seriously, but this question is so common and I'm wondering if you've read CAT ELIMINATION PROBLEMS here on the website? It has so much of what I would say to you already written there. Please read it and then if you have further questions, of course write back.

Thank you, Dr. Neely