Defecation Problems: Cat Defecation Problem

by janet

My 11 year old female cat has started to defecate on the rugs all over the house. BM's are loose and she leaves it where we can see it.

She had been very heavy but has over the last 2 years lost half her body weight. However, she eats (a lot) drinks, plays, runs and generally seems to be free of distress.

I took her to our vet when she started to lose weight and he did blood tests which were normal. A stool sample was also normal.

She is an indoor cat, one of 2 littermates - the other one is male.

Since she does not seem to be in distress I wonder if this is a psychological problem or if I should take her for a second opinion or specific blood work.

In the meantime, she is destroying the house.

Hi, Janet,

This is NOT a psychological problem. Her weight loss, good appetite, soft stool and inappropriate elimination are most consistent with hyperthyroidism.

Find out if the blood work included a thyroid level. Also, was only one type of thyroid test run or was there also another type of thyroid test run called a "free T4" or also called "unbound thyroid" test. Both should be done in this situation.

Irritable bowel could also be the cause of this or intestinal cancer, but I certainly would want to make sure first that it isn't hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is common in older cats, causes the very signs you describe, and is SO treatable if diagnosed and treated properly. If your vet isn't experienced with this disease and the various tests for it, you should definitely seek a second opinion and have the proper bloodwork.

Write back if you have questions. Also, write back if you have the testing done and want to discuss the results. Should the thyroid be normal, there are other things to be pursued. She definitely has something medical going on and the sooner you get to the bottom of it, the better.

Good Luck,
Dr. Neely