Elderly Cat's Bladder Control

by Jessica

I'm writing because I have a question regarding my 11 year old cat. She still enjoys going outside and doing everything younger cats do, but yesterday I noticed she was limping with her rear right foot. She is a large cat and has hurt her feet before while jumping off the step...I felt her leg up to the hip and she seems to be achey in her hip. I am concerned, though, because since she started limping she seems to have no bladder control. She just stays where she is and pees all over herself. Could this be because she can't hop into the litterbox, or could it be more serious? She has never done this before, and is still eating and drinking normally.

Hi, Jessica,

This could be happening because it's too painful to get into the litter box. However, it could also be due to an injury that damaged not only her leg, but also her spinal cord and the nerves that control her bladder. You should have her seen by a vet right away.

Good luck, Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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