Ernie 7/6/08-11/12/09

by Carol
(St. Louis, Missouri)

Ernie last christmas

Ernie last christmas

Ernie was a stray cat I found on the back deck. I called to him and he just ran over to me and let me pick him up and pet him. He was maybe 7 weeks old at the time and weighed 2 pounds. I fell in love right away. He was so funny, he loved chasing marshmallows, climbing in boxes, belly rubs and scratches under his chin. He also loved me unconditionally. On the evening of November 10th he wouldn't eat. I took him to the vet on the 11th. On the 12th he died. He was not eating and having trouble breathing. The doctor thought it was a bacterial infection and was treating him. All of a sudden he cried out and lurched forward, then fell to his side. The vet tried to aspirate him but blood was in his lungs. I wonder what I could have done to save him, he was only a year old. I miss him terribly.

Comments for Ernie 7/6/08-11/12/09

nice cat
by: Bill

Ernie looks a lot like my smokey joey that just died. He was called a tuxedo cat because the white down his chest, it looked like he had a tuxedo coat on.= with gloves on his feet. We both have another thing in common, they both died very young. Smokey joey was only 2 and he died similarly to yours. He was quite skinny, and I thought he broke his neck while horse playing with his brother.

6 Months and still missing you!
by: Anonymous

It's been a little over 6 months since you went to the Rainbow Bridge and I still think of you and miss you everyday. You were such a great kitty, I'm sorry I didn't tell you that more often. I hope you are feeling the love I send your way everyday. I hope you are happy and waiting patiently for me at the rainbow bridge. I love you Ernie!

Sorry For The Loss Of Ernie
by: DE

Ernie looks so sweet and loving just like my baby Safeway, she use to love to help me make the bed. I found her at a safeway store the store was in the process of remodeling and I didn't want her to get ran over by some heavy equiptment.So sorry for your loss I truly know your pain, I still go through it somedays.

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