A fat cat named Tiff may lose his fat soon, but in the process may become very ill, even die. It was announced yesterday that a veterinary charity, PDSA, in Britain is holding a 100-day fitness contest for eight of the country's plumpest pets in order to crown this year's pet fit club champion. The animal achieving the largest percentage weight loss will be the winner. The contestants are all 30% overweight. Included in the contest are seven dogs and, unfortunately, a cat named Tinks, who weighs 21 pounds. The pet who achieves the biggest percentage weight loss will be crowned champion, winning their owner a pet-friendly holiday.

I am horrified over a cat being included in the weight loss contest. Overweight cats that lose weight quickly are at high risk of developing hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver) which is often fatal and at best very difficult and lengthy to treat. If you are not aware of this disease, please refer to my website later today or tomorrow for details about it. Tink's life is being put in great jeopardy with rapid weight loss. A cat should never lose more then 1/2 pound per month. I have written to PDSA and asked them to please stop the cat's participation in this contest immediately! I hope you'll join me in contacting them also to save Tink's life.

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