Feline Behavior Around Litter Boxes

by Gina
(Palm Bay, FL)

My question is about strange feline behavior around litter boxes. I have two cats, a female and a male. The female is 11 and the male is 10. The female is more laid back and only friendly to those that she knows, as the male is very friendly to anyone that will give him attention. Recently the male has been walking around the house, meowing constantly. He goes into the litter box and scratches, then comes right out. I don't believe he's actually going to the bathroom though. Then he'll walk around the house again, meowing. He'll make his rounds throughout the house, and go back to the litter box and just walk next to it and turn around and walk away. Recently I found that my couch is sprayed with cat urine, and he was standing next to it. He's had a urinary tract infection before. Do you think he's experiancing this problem again? If so, what is causing this to happen?


It absolutely sounds like a urinary tract medical issue and you need to have his urine analyzed right away. In addition to whatever antibiotic or other medication the vet gives you this time, be sure and ask the vet about prescription diets for urinary problems in cats and about stimulating your kitty to drink more.

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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