Feline skin problems - Biting and scratching and creating sores

by Kirk
(Chesapeake Va)

A shipyard cat has feline skin problems and is always biting and scratching infected areas. I put on a triple antibiotic but he just licks it off. Is there something I can do to clear up this poor cat's feline skin problems?

Dear Kirk,

Thank you for writing in with your concern for this poor shipyard cat. You didn't say much about where this cat is biting and scratching, but I can this is because the cat is very itchy, which is the main component of cat allergy symptoms.

The most common cause of the feline skin problems you are noticing is a cat flea allergy. Especially considering the fact that this cat is outdoors, you are likely dealing with fleas as the culprit for this poor cat's feline allergies. If possible, applying a monthly topical flea medicine, preferably Frontline or Advantage for cats, will help control a cat flea problem. You can learn more about allergies on my page covering The Truth About Feline Allergies.

Triple antibiotic ointment, even if the cat is licking it off, will not hurt the cat, but will not likely help the problem. The feline skin problem, even with the sores the biting and scratching, is more of an inflammatory reaction. If the cat itchy skin doesn't seem to resolve quickly, you may want to try to get the cat to a veterinarian for anti-inflammatory treatment. Please do not, however, give the cat any human anti-inflammatory medications to any cat, as these will kill the cat!

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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