Finding a Cat Friend for a Cat that Lived with Dogs

I have a cat that is an indoor only cat. She was raised with two dogs. The dogs are no longer with us. Thinking my cat might be lonesome during the day, I got another female cat (about the same age, 3 years old). My cat hated the new cat. She would corner her and pick fights. The other cat started to pee around the house so, finally, we had to give her to another home. My original cat still lives with me. Do you think she will ever accept another cat? Maybe a kitten would be better? My cat is spayed, and she seems so lonesome.

It could be that your kitty is perfectly content being an only cat, especially since she was used to living in a home with dogs. However, if you would like to add to your cat family, there are many pages throughout this site that provide tips for easing introductions of cats to one another. Most cats will be more accepting of a new kitten rather than an older cat, and the key to them getting along is really giving the two cats time to adjust. To read more about introducing cats, you may want to read this question and answer from another reader.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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