by Melissa
(Los Angeles)

I have a 3 year old cat who has always been inside, and has never had a cat flea until recently. I have no idea how she got them. I bought her a cat flea medicine collar and that seemed to work for about a month, but we had a sudden outburst of fleas and now everyone is getting flea bites in my house. What happened? What is the best practice for feline flea control? I don't want to put her outside!

Dear Melissa,

Feline flea control is tricky business even for owners of indoor-only cats. A cat flea can get into your home through an open window (even if it has a screen) or even travel into your home on you or your clothing.

I strongly recommend that you avoid the use of cat flea collars, primarily because, in order to work, the cats fleas must actually walk across the collar in order to be killed. Instead, I recommend that you practice a once-monthly cat flea medicine regimen with either Frontline Plus for Cats or Advantage for Cats. These cat flea medicine options work more quickly and efficiently, killing fleas on contact, and are much safer for home use than over-the-counter flea bath, flea spray, flea dip, or flea collar products. They carry the additional benefit of providing cat flea control for an entire month because the medicine will seep into your cat's pores and create a barrier of sorts to prevent fleas from biting and laying eggs.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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