FluffMuffin died of heart disease 10-9-2010 @2pm 3-7-04 to 10-9-2010

by lynn brady
(harrison twp.michigan)




I watched her be born from a 3rd litter of 4. She was so nice, she would wrap her arms around your neck (tight at times) and give you a kiss when asked. She never clawed me (she had her claws.)

She was always afraid of loud noises, like rain. The best thing about her was that she would always snuggle in our arms between us.

She only would give one little hiss if I brought another cat in to eat (but never fought).

She would whine when she wanted some food. Spoiled as she was, she NEVER got in our plates at dinner. She would sit next to my chair and wait for a bit of food.

She was 6 yrs/7months old and only occasionally vomited a bit of clear foam. We thought it was the food she was allergic to or a bug that would pass.

Her sister (7 months older) is growling and hissing (she does that when she is mad or hurt). They grew up together.

My other cats and her sister have been searching around the house for her, not running and playing as usual. They just sit most of the time staring around like they are scared, thinking what did we do to her, where did we take her?

Does anyone know how long my cats and I will grieve?

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3-7-04 to 10-9-2010

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by: Anonymous

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