Food for my Diabetic Peppy

by carmel

Peppy 14 years old has now had diabetes for 4 weeks 6weeks after thyroid radiation prior to that his glucose was 5. He is on 5units Protphane. I feed him now a total of 175grams fresh food 140gms steak 35gms baby whole whiting 1 teaspoon of egg yolk for fat content. He is more at ease. But he cries for more. IS he really hungry? I don't want to over feed him. His glucose is not that stable and has never been below 12 and is usually about 19/20 by the time he is due again to be injected.

I was giving him less food a couple of days ago 130.140 grams but was crying for 4 hours until his next feed. He had his feed 6am to 7am of 175grams of the above I am going to test him now it is 10.15am 3hrs after his feed I was told to test him by vet. His glucose is 12.6 and his is not very happy. Do you feel he may need more insulin? I have had 3 vets from same surgery give me different advice.

I tried to give him Hills md diabetic dry. But he could not eat enough for me to be able to inject him. I personally feel that the carbohydrate in the dry food made his glucose go up soon after as it may get absorbed in the stomach lining into his system before the injected insulin has a chance to get going.

So, I'm glad that I found you.

Hi, Carmel,

I feel that all of your questions can be answered by reading my article, Cat Diabetes, and following the additional links on that page to the other recommended sites.

If you still have questions after reading that information, do not hesitate to write back to me.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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