Fuzzball 22.02.2009 & 21.06.2012

by Neha
(Mumbai, India)

Fuzzball was a healthy blue Persian cat. We brought him home when he was 4 months old. He was a very loving cat, and he soon was favorite of everyone around.

Fuzz was a dog trapped in a cat's body. He was exceptionally attached to my husband and would often wait outside the washroom when Chinmay used to be inside. He was such a prankster, but when he was almost 2 he developed urinary problems and, post diagnosis, we realized that he was suffering from bladder stones. We immediately changed his diet and began a special medicinal diet. And, being a fighter, Fuzz too cooperated and bounced back and started doing perfectly well!

Later we got him a companion, a beautiful tabby Persian cat female, and called her Cherry. We got fuzzball neutered and he began putting on weight as was told by his surgeon. Yesterday, he suddenly passed away. Doctors said, he passed away of sudden heart failure. We didn't go for autopsy as we didn't have the heart to.

Fuzz left us so suddenly and left with many questions but, he went away peacefully and that's my point of solace.

There's a 99% chance he suffered from a severe cardiac arrest, and now I realize that this is a common problem with Persian cats. This is for all other cat owners, and whoever reads this. Please don't ignore sudden weight gain (that could be bloating), rapid breathing, coughing up of hairball or paralyzed or what simply would look like injured hind legs.

If this article or information manages to help any other cat, then I would consider my Fuzzball, who is gone, blessed.

Comments for Fuzzball 22.02.2009 & 21.06.2012

by: syed

I am very sorry for your loss of Fuzzball. Thank you for sharing Fuzzball's story. I am very sad in my heart.

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