by Valerie

I left my lovely cat Ginger with a friend while i was away on a holiday. He ran away and never came back. That was 14 days ago and he is still missing.

I cry every day and in the morning i still go downstairs to let him in but it breaks my heart when i see that he is not waiting at the door and his food bowl is still full.

I put up posters and flyers all over my friends street and called all the vets and shelters but he hasnt been seen. he loves climbing into garages and sheds and i fear that he is stuck and starving somewhere.

I dont want another cat because no one will replace him. I dont think i will ever stop crying especially at night when there is an empty spot on the bed next to me.

Comments for Ginger

My missing cat died
by: Anonymous

Has Ginger come back?
Mine will never come back!!!
I found her lifeless body on the side of the road, about 2 miles from the new house. Poor Kitty, she was trying to find the old house. I pray that she didn't suffer long alone on that busy road

by: wendy

Oh, how so awful for you. I hope and pray that Ginger will come home soon to you xxx

by: jmuhj

I pray Ginger finds his way home to you and that you are never again separated. It must be heartrending being without him. While I don't travel for just this reason, those of my friends who do, rely on licensed/bonded "pet" sitters in their own homes -- better for their cat, and much safer all the way around.

Sending purrs and prayers out for Ginger to return to you healthy and soon!

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