Given my kitten numerous baths and still has a foul odor

I have given my daughters new kitten a bath numerous times and the foul odor does not seem to go away. At first when we first started giving her a bath, she wouldn't have a foul odor after her baths. But now she has a foul odor no matter how many times we bathe her. I don't know what is wrong with this kitten.

It is unlikely that the odor you are smelling is coming from your cat's entire body. Where, specifically, is this foul odor you are experiencing from your kitten? Is it coming from her ears, her mouth, or her rear end? Those are the three most common sites for an unpleasant odor in cats, and can sometimes indicate a cat health problem. Your kitten could also have an injury somewhere on her body that has become infected, which would produce a foul odor.

Also, I would have to ask: Have you had cats before? Are you familiar with how cats smell normally? Cats can have very distinct odors in their fur.

Other things to consider would be whether you don't like the smell of her shampoo? Could it be the odor of her food? Could you be smelling her cat litter after she uses the box?

If you can't figure out where the odor is coming from or if you think this may be a cat health problem, I would strongly recommend bringing your kitten to the veterinarian. Without being able to smell and experience this odor myself, there is no way to say for certain what is wrong.

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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