Glazed eyes in a Cat

by Candace
(St. John's, NL, Canada)

Hi, Dr. Neely,

I have been noticing the last week that one of my cats eyes are glazing over. The eye appears to have a white-ish color to it. Could this be cause by old age, as she is 13, in human years? Should I be worried? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, Candy,

This is going to require a visit to the vet because there are several things it could be, but two conditions are most probable. Since one is harmless, but the other needs immediate treatment, you should have the eyes examined immediately.

One possibility is an aging change called nuclear schlerosis. If a cat has this, the eyes appear rather cloudy within the pupil of the eye and clients often come in assuming their cats have cataracts. In reality, it is usually nuclear schlerosis and while the eyes look cloudy to us as we look in, the cat sees perfectly well.

However, that usually occurs in both eyes at the same time. You indicate that only one eye is involved.

The other condition it could be is called uveitis and certainly could be in one eye and is serious and requires treatment to save the eye.

There are other possibilities, all of which really require a vet's exam. I'd strongly suggest you make an appointment right away.

Good luck and thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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