Green pus coming out of my cats side?

by Debbie

My female cat is 14 months old and I just recently discovered she's pregnant. I also found a lump on her side that she didn't like for you to touch. After a while, it busted and exposed green thick very smelly liquid with white lumps in it.

I took my cat to vet and he said it was an infection, and gave her an injection and tablets to take twice a day over 5 days. All was well until the other day when I lifted her. My cat cried and then green liquid with white spots busted out of her again, only it wasn’t as smelly. What could this be? Help!

Dear Debbie,

It sounds as though your cat had initially developed an abscess and another abscess has formed since the initial round of antibiotics. You should bring your cat to the veterinarian again, as the area needs to be clipped of all hair, scrubbed, and kept open to heal. Your cat also likely needs to be on another round of feline antibiotics, perhaps of a different type of antibiotic at this point. It is not uncommon for cat infections to take some time to run their course, for abscesses to re-form if not kept open well enough, or for a cat to need a different antibiotic to treat any given infection, but your cat does need to be seen and treated by a veterinarian.

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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