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Does your pet love his Greenies treats? The Nutro Company is dedicated to creating treats that meet your pet's needs and taste great, and this line of treats is no exception. With a focus on dental health, joint health, and making giving your pets their pills even easier, these treats have become one of my favorite products to recommend.

Nutro is now offering the Greenies Smart Treating Program, a great opportunity to learn more information about your pet's dental health and overall nutrition. When you sign up for this program, you'll receive a $2 off coupon for your next treat or chew purchase and be entered for a chance to win a year's supply of the treats for your beloved pet! You'll also receive emails for future rewards, and exclusive pet health and news information.

While you are signing up, you can explore several articles regarding pet joint and dental health, learn more about the features and benefits of Greenies treats, and take the Dental Health Quiz to help determine whether your cat needs a dental check-up with your vet!

While there are many cat treats on the market, feline Greenies are among my favorites for cats with health problems that are otherwise difficult to medicate. Not only do the treats come in flavors that cats love, but my clients have used them in some of the most creative ways to help their sick cats get well! Even cats and dogs that seem to take medication easily are often hiding it somewhere! Where do you think your pets hide their medications?

My first encounter with this line of cat treats was with their Pill Pockets, which have made giving a number of sick kitties their medications possible on a regular basis. One particular patient of mine, a beautiful cat named Dove, has been saved by the Greenies brand Pill Pockets many times in the last several months. He was a feral cat that could barely be touched out of pure terror, even by his trusted owners. So when Dove needed to be treated for giardia, an intestinal parasite, the Pill Pockets were the only cost-effective and easy way of getting his medication into him. Similarly, when Dove needed antibiotics for a kidney infection, the Pill Pockets made giving his feline medications possible.

The Greenies dog treats come in Pill Pocket forms, as well, which are especially helpful for dog owners. Dogs can be quite smart, and even traditional ways of getting pills into your dog may not work. One of my technicians used to pill her dog by wrapping his medication in lunch meat or cheese, but he would quickly learn to eat around the pill. Fortunately, because Greenies for dogs are soft, it's easy to slip a pill inside and squish the Pill Pocket around it.

But perhaps the most creative use of Greenies cat treats was originated by one of my clients whose cat is being treated for feline hyperthyroidism. Tango was on various forms of her medication for months, and we could never achieve a stable thyroid blood level for her because her owners were unable to pill, give liquids, or use ear gel medications effectively. In addition, Tango’s medication dose was so low that liquids and ear gels were our only option.

Her owners tried for weeks to get the liquid medication into Tango, but it wasn’t working well, and the ear gels did a poor job of controlling her cat thyroid levels. But Tango always loved her cat treats, so the owners tried something creative - they began scraping the outer coating off of Tango’s Greenies and putting drops of her medication on the porous, sponge-like interior of the cat treats! And sure enough, Tango was finally getting all of her medication, and her feline hyperthyroidism is finally under control!

Beyond being a useful tool for some dog or cat health problems, cat treats are a great way to help with a variety of cat behavior problems, including litter box issues, aggression, taming feral and frightened cats, and introducing cats to one another. Treats used to reward positive behavior, like using the litter box or sitting peacefully with another pet in the house that your cat would normally swat at, can make a big difference in how easily your cat is trained or retrained.

The same is true for dogs, as well. Dog treats can be very useful in helping you train your dogs to listen to commands, do tricks, and behave desirably around other animals, people, and children. Because both cats and dogs are often very food-motivated, treats are a great way to practice positive reinforcement.

Of course, as a veterinarian, I recommend using treats of any kind sparingly, and in moderation, for two reasons: (1) treats are not meant to be a complete diet for your cat or dog, and (2) you want treats to remain truly “special” because they are such wonderful tools for medication and behavioral problems, should you ever need them!

Previous Nutro Offers:

The Nutro Company recently sponsored an exciting online video contest where you could win a lifetime supply of these great chews or treats for your cat or dog! This giveaway opportunity also gave participants a chance to celebrate the special moments they share with their cat or dog by uploading a video featuring their pets “asking” for the treat. Three lucky winners were chosen in the categories of the best vocal performance, best smile, and best trick to get a treat, and they received a lifetime supply!

To learn more about this contest and to see the winners, please visit Greenies on Facebook. A big congratulations to Rocky Rodee for winning Best Vocal Performance for Treat, Arbor for winning Best Trick for a Treat, and Joe for winning Best Smile for a Treat. See the winning videos on the Greenies Facebook page!

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