Hair Loss in a Cat


Hi it's me again,

I forgot to ask you about hair loss. My male cat has been experiencing hair loss. It started on his front paw, everytime you pet him he starts licking his front paw. He's been doing this for a long time but now he is starting to have hair loss on his other legs too. There is no rash and it does not bother him when I touch his legs. What should we do. He also has had dandruff all his life he is black so it is very noticable the vet did blood work and said that he had sensitive skin and there was nothing he could do for him. Also we put him on a diet apx. 8 month ago because he weight 19 pounds. He has lost 5 pounds looks great and is happy and active. I was just wondering if the hair loss could have anything to do with the diet.




His type of hair loss is almost always due either to allergy or excessive grooming from anxiety. It's usually the first. When it involves paws or face, the allergy is often to food.

Dr. Neely

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