Halima goes from Stray to Top Cat Mum

by Tess
(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Halima and an Ex-Feathered Friend


Halima and an Ex-Feathered Friend

Hey ho! I'm Halima (meaning Gentle). I was found by my now adopted humans about 5 weeks ago half dead and pregnant in the road in the desert near Abu Dhabi. My human said that I looked like a head on a piece of string. Well, I was taken to a huge strange and scary house. I was scared for about 2 weeks and ran away every evening. However I always came back every morning because I'd worked out that breakfast was served at 06:20 every day....good job too as I was STARVING!
So my new Human Mum spent every hour possible with me to win my confidence, playing, feeding, grooming, walking(!), sleeping together on the sofa....so I was very insistent that she spend every bit of my labour with me. Right from the beginning of it when I was fractious and yowling, through my crazy 8 hours of licking, right until my first kitten went 'SPLAT'! on the floor. After that I was OK, but until that point I couldn't do without her and wouldn't even let her out for a cup of tea. Ah well it was only 40 hours from beginning to end and what else was she going to do over the weekend?!
I'm told that we are keeping my first born as my permanent companion and we'll all live together here for the next few years until it's time to fly back to England........What the...? Fly?!!!
PS. I'm about 8 weeks pregnant in this photo...do you think that she got my best side?! ;-)