Hatsy (d. October 7, 2011) My friend for 11 years

by Terry Ann
(New Jersey)

Hatsy was a stray who found her way to our neighbor's house, who was also a cat lover. When our beloved Maine Coon passed away, another neighbor suggested my husband and I see the cat lover neighbor. She eagerly gave us a white cat with black spots. She called her Winkie White Cat. She had just given birth to 6 kittens and they were able to find them homes all except for the mother cat Winkie(Hatsy). We took her home and she became a full member of our family. We don't know how old she was, maybe just 2 or 3. We enjoyed 11 wonderful years with her, but it is not nearly enough. We miss her forcefulness. She was a cat who knew what she wanted, but she loved people and we were glad to have her friendship and love. We miss her dearly and there is a big hole in our lives without her.

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