Healthy Dog Food: The Key to Responsible Dog Ownership

Dog health and happiness are a dog owner's top priority, and feeding healthy dog food is just one of themany aspects of keeping dogs healthy. September 15th is Responsible DogOwnership Day, a day to give dog lovers recognition for their efforts tocare for their canine companions.

Nutro has been dedicated to establishing the best in feline and caninenutrition for years, and their newly redesigned line of Natural Choice dogfood is no exception. Not only does the food have a new and improved look, butthe formulas offer simplified dog food recipes that improve this healthydog food’s overall nutrition.

The entire Natural Choice line now has higher levels of wholesome dogfood ingredients like meat and whole grains, in addition to excludingfillers like meat by-products, corn, corn gluten meal, and wheat or soyproteins. By cutting out the artificial, low-quality ingredients, as well asartificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, the newly redesigned recipesoffer higher nutrient density, improved taste, and improved digestibility.

Dogs are different from cats in their nutritional need because theyare omnivores. While cats need foods that are high in protein and very low incarbohydrates or grains, dogs do best on a diet that is well-rounded withingredients from all the major food groups. Nutro’s Natural Choice line,therefore, focused largely on the inclusion of whole grains as a source offiber, which encourages good vision, strong teeth, and healthy bonedevelopment. It also promotes a more efficient metabolism,preventing fat dogs. To learn more about the changes to the dog food line andall of the new benefits, please read more here.

Responsible Dog Ownership Day is just one day to prompt dog lovers tothink about what they do for their dog’s care. Among the most important factorsfor responsible pet ownership is doing what is best for your companion’shealth and well-being, and what better place to start than your pet’snutrition! Of course, the same applies to cats as well, even if our felinefriends aren’t included in this particular observance day.

What do you do to make your pet’s health a priority? What otherfactors, besides your pet’s nutrition, go into being a responsible pet owner? OnSeptember 15, 2012, whether you’re a dog owner or a cat owner or both,let’s take the time to think about and try to honestly answer these importantquestions. After all, we all want our companions to be with us for years andyears to come!

Check out this video of Dr. Weber discussing the benefits of Nutro's new young adult formula dog food:

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