Help! My dog attacks cats!

by Johan

I do not own a cat but I desperately need advice. My wife and I recently adopted a three year old pointer named Snoopy. I'm sorry to say that Snoopy has been killing cats that venture onto our property with regularity. What can I do to discourage the neighbors’ cats from wandering around on our property? Please help!

Dear Johan,

Although this is a dog question, I would like to answer it for the sake of the safety of the neighborhood cats and for your dog.

Have you checked the laws in your township? There is a possibility that your township would not allow cats to be outdoors. If so, your neighbors should be reported for having their cats outside, if only for the cats' protection. You could also talk to your neighbors and explain the problem to them, also asking them if they would be willing to keep their cats indoors.

Similarly, there may be leash laws in your township. You may need to chain your dog or put him out on leash. For the sake of the cats, this would restrict his range, keeping all involved safer. Also, a bell on his collar would warn cats of Snoopy's location and give them a better chance to get away.

If you are unwilling or unable to keep your dog more contained on a leash or chain, you could invest in a dog run. Dog runs are chain link, completely enclosed areas, that would keep your dog contained and the cats or even wild animals out.

In any event, it is safer for your dog to be outside only when supervised, which subsequently will keep the neighborhood cats safe as well.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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