I have two new kittens and they are are trying to get milk from my older cat

by Chrystal
(Garland, TX)

I have 2 11-week old kittens that are trying to get milk from my older cat that is 5 yrs old. (not their mother.) I have had them for 3 weeks now and this is a new behaviour. My older cat is spayed and has never had a litter and seems to be ok with them suckling.

Should I be worried? She does look like their mother. When I got them, they were weaned and eating wet/dry food, which they still are. Now they want milk from her. Can the 5 yr. old produce milk now? Is that normal? What should I do?


No need to worry. Cats that have not given birth can be induced to give milk if kittens are suckling from them, but she may not. It is more likely to be a comforting action and as long as all are content with the situation and her teats are not inflammed or infected, there is no problem. She will stop them eventually.

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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