I would like you to meet Shadow and Bella.

by Sandy

Shadow telling his little

Shadow telling his little "sis" to leave him alone.

I want to thank you for this site. You helped me figure out what was wrong with Bella and what to do to make her well again. We adopted Shadow two years ago when he was one, he's 3 now. Bella was adopted about a year and half later, she is now two. Needless to say Shadow was not too pleased that we brought another kitty into our home. All Bella wanted to do is make friends, well Shadow was not a willing participant. She keeps trying and sometimes he gives in. Shadow sort of tolerates Bella like a little sister. He is a sweet cat who doesn't mind being held like a baby, actually he doesn't mind how he is held, he is really laid back and calm. We have been told he acts like a dog; following us around, coming when called and sometimes fetching. Bella on the other hand can be loving and sweet also but is terrified of the sweeper and doesn't like to be approached too quickly. She wants to come to you. Like now for instance she is laying on my hands while I'm typing this. It's sort of challenging but I would never move her because I like the company. On occasion they love to chase the laser light (together), which is always fun to watch. They are both wonderful additions to our home and are loved very much.

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Sep 30, 2015
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by: Mutashim

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