In Loving Memory Of My Little Baby, Maggie.

by Bekki Lynn Kalk

One day, I was very excited to get my new cat from the SPCA (I live in Alberta, Canada) and we picked out a beautiful calico/tabby mix named Penny, which we later changed to Maggie!

Oh, she was so beautiful, funny and unique. Trust me, she did stuff no other cat would, like sitting in the front seat of the car with her front paws on the steering wheel just looking around like a real life Toonsis, or riding in my dad's boat sitting on the seat looking around, or just lying in the tree in my front yard or just lying on her back in my room watching television with me. It was hilarious....for a little while.

On my sister's 34th birthday, my dad let Maggie outside early in the morning cause she loved to be out there in the sunshine (usually she would bring us "presents" like dead mice and birds) and she was just minding her own business, in her OWN yard, when suddenly death appeared in the shape of a black dog with a red collar. (If anyone from Hinton, my town, reading this keep an eye on that dog and tell me where he is now.) He saw Maggie, and being a dog, he charged, they fought, and it was my cat that fell to the ground, dead, with a broken neck and blood all over the place.

She was taken from us that day of August 13th, 2012, and she was only four and a half years old she could of had a good 15 years left. But no, that dog had to come in and ruin it for everyone.

So this is for you Maggie. I hope you're having a good one in heaven. I think about you a lot baby. You shouldn't be buried in the woods. You should be all warm and snug with me in my bed, sitting next to me while I play on my Dell laptop like you used to when you would lift your head and nudge me, only to get a kiss and a hug then you would lay back down.

My baby. I miss my baby. Can I have her back now? She's been dead long enough, so I think it's time for her to come home now. Come home Maggie, we miss you. Where's that kid from "Frankenweenie" when you need him? He could bring her back to life!

Rest in peace, Maggie. As much as I want you back with me, you are in a much better place right now, and hopefully you haven't forgotten about me yet. Love you, my sweet sweet baby, who is now a cat angel with the most beautiful golden wings you have ever seen.

I love you forever. Don't forget me okay?

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A beloved cat memory never dies
by: Beki Kalk

Rest in peace Maggie, we miss and love you!

Dad showed me and mom and my sister Kristy where you're grave in the woods is.

And we laid a few flowers down for you precious baby that didn't deserve to be taken away from us at such a young age or such, or my sister's birthday either.

We will miss you forever and love will never fade, not as long as I'm alive.

Rest in peace sweet baby Maggie, you will always be a bright memory.

poor baby
by: Anonymous

She won't forget you! She loved you very much. And she knew she was loved. Sorry for you feel better, you are sent lots of care.

poor little kitty
by: Anonymous


im so sorry for your loss, the damn dog

should be destroyed!

she sounded like she was a great kitty, and

funny too!

May she rest in peace.

We love you Maggie, always will.

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