Inappropriate Urination

by Melanie

So now that my little girl has stopped limping - her issue with peeing in an inappropriate place has gone from manageable to awful. No one likes cat pee, however up until now we were able to explain why she had issue such as the smell of dirty clothes or if we left an open box out. My cat loves peeing on dirty piles of clothes and in boxes.

It has gone from once a year to several times a year to recently peeing on our tile floor for no apparent reason other then perhaps my kitty was too lazy to walk downstairs in the middle of the night where her cat litter box is. I am very concerned and sad - because now I have to keep my cat in the garage at night and I miss having her sleep with me. Please help!

Dear Melanie,

Especially considering the fact that this problem has worsened after an injury, your cat may be urinating outside the box due to a medical problem, so if she has not been seen or examined by a veterinarian, you should bring her for an exam and a urinalysis.

There are many pages on this site addressing cat litter box problems and inappropriate urination. I recommend reading my page on Cat Elimination Problems and on Litter Box Problems, the latter of which includes a section of questions and answers from other readers.

Even if this is medical in origin, you may need to implement some of the tools suggested in the Elimination Problems and Litter Box Problems sections of this website to help get the behavior back under control. That said, though, you'll never be able to fully control it if your cat has a medical problem that is going untreated. So please start there, and then move on to some of the behavioral suggestions made throughout this site, including using cat pheromone products.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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