Indoor Cats or Outdoor Cats?

"I'm Simba, and I'm an indoor cat"

by Lawrence Hall
(Manassas, VA, USA)



Ever since I could see my two-legged loved ones I knew that I would live a wonderful, healthy, drama free life. I love the indoors, there are so many things to get into, some easier than others!

The outdoors is scary to me. There's so much territorial drama in the outside world these days! I am three years old now and sometimes I sit and look out of my window and watch the outdoor cats and I wonder if they have a home, or if they are hungry and thirsty, cold or sick.

I once saw a feline friend being chased by a canine and he went to climb up a tree but he couldn't, it was as if he had no claws! Luckily he was able to manuver away from the canine, or at least as far as I could tell...I never saw him again :(

I'm so thankful to have a warm cozy home with my human loved ones who take such good care of me and love me. I wish that all felines were as lucky as me! :)

All I could ever want is right here, except for one thing... that cozy looking ScratchKabin that my human loved one is looking at on his tv screen! I'd love to have a ScratchKabin, my own private personal place to get away and wind down... or simply to scratch whenever I wanted!

My name is Simba, and I am an indoor cat...with claws! :)

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The not-so-great outdoors for Cats

by Mark Weirich
(Marysville, WA, USA)

Much has been said about indoor versus outdoor living for cats. All I can talk about is my own experiences. I have had many cats in my life, all but 5 (at one time) were outdoor cats. Until now, all of my cats lived no more that a few years. Some were killed in fights, some were victims of foul play, and one committed suicide.

In the last ten years we have owned up to five cats at one time. The first is still with us. He is now 12 years old. In human years, that is about 70.

Only one of the other cats died in our home. She was born with a weak heart and died at three years. The others were given away at seven years.

Just the increased longevity would warrant keeping your cats inside. Better health would also indicate a preference for indoor living.

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