InDoor Living is the Life For Me !!!

by Pamela Leone
(Plainville CT, USA)

Personally speaking, I have lived both sides of the indoor outdoor kitty life. When I was born, I lived outside with my brothers and sisters, my mom and ... well, who knows who my dad mom couldn't remember.

We lived under an old shack, and when the humans saw us, they would throw some food on the rock wall for us, but most of the time we hunted for mice or rats.

Life was hard for my family. Other cats, much bigger than me, would come to fight. There were the indoors outdoor cats who came just for the day to visit, but none ever stayed. They said their homes were too nice to leave.

For us, there was danger,too. My brother, Hobo, was just 10 weeks old when he was run over by a large vehicle and left in the road. That's when my new Mom found him and buried him.

Then she found me. I was already sick - a raccoon had bitten my paw, so my first visit with a human doctor... well, he was nice, but gave me lots of shots and I had to spend a lot of time in a cage.

I had my first bath and what do you know - the little bugs that always bit me and made me scratch disappeared. As I started feeling well again, I liked that my new Mom brought me my food in a special bowl and water too. Not drinking from the puddles of muddy water or the anti-freeze spills outside was kind of nice.

She also gave me lots of toys that smelled funky but I liked to play with them. Mice on the outside were all the same color and never smelled or tasted that good as a matter of fact.

Besides the food, the blankets were so much more comfortable than those leaves and dirt I used to sleep in. And they weren't wet or cold from rain or snow. I was getting used to this new way of life and discovered that my new Mom loved to snuggle with me. That was really nice.

The outdoors was dangerous for me, but here in my new house I was safe. No more raccoons, dead mice, bugs biting me or worms in my belly...and she gave me a name so that when I was needed she would call me ...Rascal!!!!

I am grateful that she has given me a life indoors as I never long for the dangerous life I lived before. I still see the birds and smell the fresh breeze...what a wonderful life I have!

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Sep 23, 2015
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Sep 21, 2015
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Sep 16, 2011
lucky kitties
by: Amy

Your story is a beautiful glimpse into the world of cats (and dogs) that start out in the cold world, but then are blessed with a new home and a loving Mom. I agree with one of the other comments--you should make this into a children's story, Pam! Beautiful. Hugs to Rascal and Gridley...

Sep 16, 2011
by: Anonymous






Sep 15, 2011
Indoor living is the life for me !
by: Ethel

Wonderful read, I wish you could publish it in a book for children form... I would buy for my grandkids!!

Sep 14, 2011
How Lovely!
by: Wendy

I know there are thousands more of you out there, Rascal, that wish they were half as loved. Thanks for telling us about your great life! What a mom!

Sep 14, 2011
Time for love!
by: Phil McKraken

Wish all animals were as fortunate as Rascal! Nice read, thank you!

Sep 14, 2011
Made me cry!
by: Maria L.

Beautiful story of Rascal's life! It made me cry! I'm an animal lover! Sadly, there are many cats and dogs out there without a happy ending like Rascal's! Rascal has a great mom!

Sep 14, 2011
by: Kristin

Rascal certainly is a lucky boy and I know how he is loved. It is such a wonderful thing when it works so well for the humans and the felines. Nice story.

Sep 14, 2011
by: Kristin

Rascal certainly is a lucky boy and I know how he is loved. It is such a wonderful thing when it works so well for the humans and the felines. Nice story.

Sep 13, 2011
looking into the eyes of one of God's creations
by: Nancy B

What a beautiful heartfelt story told by a human who was able to "see" into the eyes of "a" Rascal... Such eyes tell the stories....

How many Rascals are out there with the same stories??? Thousands.....Two of those similar stories live with me, adopted from the cat shelter. A brother Patrick and sister Cassie. I'm blessed to have found these siblings and they bring such a wonderful spirit in our home now.

Home is ours...Me, Patrick and Cassie....
Thank you for sharing!

Sep 13, 2011
by: Daniela

What a beautiful story! I just had to run and grab some tissues from crying. I wish there where more people in this world like Rascals mommy!

Sep 13, 2011
I Love Kitty's
by: Missy

Great story!! Being a cat lover myself I love to hear stories like this. He's a handsome boy with a great mommy!! Nice to hear and thanks for sharing!!

Sep 13, 2011
by: Audrey

What a great story! My cat "Chantilly Lace" was a rescue kitty and probably had similar problems. Of course being a girl she also got pregnant. But now she has her "forever home" just like Rascal and he is just as spoiled as she is I'll bet. Great imagination and description!

Sep 13, 2011
How beautiful
by: Cat Lover

What a handsome boy he is and what a beautiful story of this rescue....sad there are not more humans out there that are able to take in the stray and feral cats others leave behind...he is an absolutely stunning young man!

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