Tiger Teasers Interactive Cat Toy

Most loving cat owners know thatfinding the perfect interactive cat toy is no easy feat. Ideally, anything used to entertain your cat would need to appeal to your cat’s senses and hone in on his hunting instincts.For those instincts to kick in, the object should look, feel, and move just likereal prey. The best toys are also engage both human and kitty, bringing fun and excitementto both of you during play time.

I’ve tried many different interactive cattoy options over the years, from wands with felt to feathers to bugs, and my cats haveenjoyed most of them. Over time, they might lose interest if the toy isn’tdesigned creatively enough to mimic the way a bug or a mouse would really feeland move. Even when they are designed perfectly, there are often limitations inour ability to allow most cat wand toys to move the way your cat’s natural preywould move. The long strings attaching the feathers or mouse make the cat toyunruly and give it essentially a mind of its own.

Tiger Teasers cat toys are verydifferent. These homemade cat toys, made in the United States,are made with a metal wire. The Lion Lure brings out the inner lion in yourhouse kitty by giving you control of the movement of the synthetic or naturalfur toy attachment that looks and feels like a real mouse. You canstrategically maneuver the toy, poking it under doors, around corners, or up ontables and chairs, make it crawl, make it leap, or make it spin exactly asplanned! The securely attached bell helps keep your cat interested, too, bycoupling sound with movement, just as their prey would in the wild.

We don’t think about it much, buthow many times have you swung that other cat teaser toy and accidentally bumpedyour kitty in the face, startling him enough to make play time over? How manytimes have you wished you could sneak the toy to the other side of the leg ofthe chair or sofa because you know that’s how the mouse would react to your catchasing it? In all honesty, I probably never realized I had this frustrationuntil I tried the Tiger Teaser Lion Lure with my cats!

Focus on Safety

First and foremost, let me saythat the Tiger Teaser interactive cat toy is the most durable and safe wand toy I havefound to date. Each fur end piece is very securely attached to the wire, whichis attached to an acrylic wand that is slightly flexible and very lightweight.It’s comfortable to use with very little effort, and there is a huge focus onsafety.

All wire or metal ends areprotected with soft rubber caps so there are no accidental poking injuries. Thebell is securely attached to the guide wire, so there is no choking hazard.Perhaps best of all, though, even from a safety standpoint, is the fact thatthe toy does utilize wire instead of string as found in most interactive cattoys.

Why is wire better than string? Catswill often chew string, and if you’re not watching carefully, your cat couldconsume an entire length of string that could bind up his intestines. Whilesome cats may chew on the wire, although it is thin, it is so sturdy, it wouldbe nearly impossible for your cat to quickly chew through it during play time.I would still advise you to keep the Lion Lure secured away from your cat ifyou aren’t actively playing, just in case, but I feel much more comfortablewith the wire than string from a safety standpoint!

If you’re interested in havingyour cat have a toy that is safe to play with when you aren’t activelysupervising, the Bunny by Tiger Teasers is a great alternative. Made withlife-like fur wrapped around a cork center, this “batting” toy is perfect forallowing your cat to pounce, bounce, toss, and flick it around for hours!

The Ultimate Interactive Cat Toy Critics: The Cats!

Being able to control themovements of these great cat toys is hard to describe in words on your computerscreen, but the enjoyment that the cats get from this toy is even harder toexpress in words! They’re engaged and happy, batting it, chasing it, pouncingon it. They come running when they hear the sound of the little Lion Lure bell!But don’t take my word for it, let them show you in their video review below:

I highly recommend trying the Tiger Teasers Lion Lure for your cats. Believe me, this isn’t your average wandtoy, and the difference is one you have to experience to believe!

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