jer my beautiful precious boy died 13/11/2011 age 10 yrs

I just cant believe that my amazing cat of 10 yrs died in my arms this morning suddenly. He wasn't in pain so this I am glad for. I did not see it coming and I am heartbroken.

He was my best friend and was always by my side and followed me everywhere. Even when I was in the bath, he would sit on the side and wait for me. Words cannot describe how sad and heartbroken I am.

I buried him and said a prayer and sent him off to be with the angels. And I know he will be the brightest star in the sky when I look up each night to say goodnight to him. So even though I am sad and cannot stop crying, I know I gave him the best 10 years on this earth and loved him so much.

But now he has gone to cat heaven and will always be in my heart and I will never forget my happy times with him. I will never ever forget the best friend I ever had.

Love you forever, Jer. You were the best and now you will be the brightest star in the sky, a true friend. You left pawprints on our hearts.

R.I.P. Jer xxxx

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Tim Southee NEW
by: Anonymous

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by: samreul

So sorry for your loss :(
Just know you gave him and vice versa ten great years and your boy will always be with you he has wings.

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