Kady 1995-2011

by Karen
(Salt Lake City, Ut)

Kady, our sweet kitty, wormed her way into our hearts 16 years ago. A stray hanging around my husband's office was taken home by a co-worker, but the co-worker's other cat did not get along with her.

My husband, a self proclaimed disliker of cats, unexpectedly asked me if I wanted a cat. YES, I said, and we had Kady.

She was one and wonderful and, of course, a bit bad too. She was half Siamese and half stripey cat. She was an indoor/outdoor cat, and she quickly became part of the family.

She, of course, loved my husband and would not leave him alone. Her favorite place was in his lap and hanging over his shoulder as he walked around patting her.

Kady gave us many years of love, and we cannot imagine the last sixteen years without her. She had her duties which included waking us up to feed her, rounding us up to go to bed, nipping our toes, meeting us at the door, admonishing us when we were gone too long, bringing us bugs and other critters as gifts, and above all making us happy.

Kady died on April 8th of cancer. We had the vet come to our house, and she died in our arms (truly the hardest thing we have ever done). Her ashes are buried under her favorite scratchy tree.

She is missed and we have holes in our hearts in the shape of Kady. My husband, the self-professed cat disliker, misses her more than is imaginable.

We love her.

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by: Beix

This is a beautiful epitaph, very touching that reminds me of the relationship I have with my own old lady. Your Lady has had a very good life,it seems, and you too with her.

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