Kidney Problem In A Kitten

by Julie C.
(Bloomington, MN)


My kitten is about 12 weeks old and was diagnosed with a kidney infection after we noticed him drinking a lot of water and not making it to the litter box. He has about 1 more dose of medicine but is still drinking a lot and peeing everywhere/ anywhere. Any ideas? Thank you.

Dear Julie,

It is unusual for a 12 week old kitten to have a kidney infection unless there is some underlying problem that he was born with.

I don't know how his infection was diagnosed or if the diagnosis is correct - an infection would not be likely to cause increased thirst and urination. Those symptoms are more likely to be the result of kidney insufficiency. That would also be rare in a kitten and would most likely indicate a genetic problem.

Unfortunately, if he was born with a kidney problem or acquired a kidney infection (again, extremely rare in a kitten), these conditions are not always able to be cured.

If he is still drinking and urinating excessively, I'm afraid he may have a kidney problem that is not going to go away. However, I would not give up hope. I would strongly recommend that you should go back to the vet immediately for further testing and find out if there's still an infection that needs to be treated for a longer period of time in the hopes of saving his kidneys.

If he didn't have a complete urinalysis including a culture and sensitivity, that should be done. Also, because of his age and symptoms, I would be strongly suggesting complete blood work and xrays and depending on the results, possibly an ultrasound of the kidneys, all to rule out the possibility of a more serious problem than an infection.

Good luck, I'm sorry for your difficulties. I hope things turn out ok.

Dr. Neely

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