Kitten attacked by dog

by Samantha
(Bedford, Indiana, United States of America)

My cat was recently attacked by a dog, and was bitten on the nose, and is breathing out of its mouth. What do I do to help my kitten when there is no vet nearby?

Dear Samantha,

Please drive your kitten to a veterinarian, no matter how far away it may be. There is no way to know how bad your cat's injury may be, whether the nose is broken or there is just some minor swelling causing your kitty to only be able to breathe from it's mouth. Furthermore, the bite wound from the dog could cause an infection.

There is also no way to know whether your cat's injury will heal on it's own or will heal properly, with the nasal passages unobstructed. Your cat cannot be comfortable breathing only from his or her mouth and needs a veterinary exam as soon as possible. So, although there may not be a veterinarian nearby, it is important to find one and drive, however far or long that may be, to get your kitten the proper care.

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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