Kitten behavior question.

by Ei

I fell in love with a pair of 7-8 week old(?) sibling kittens at a shelter. One is a gray tiger-stripe male (medium-short hair) and his sister is a gray/orange dilute tortoise (medium - short hair). They are extremely sweet, loving and affectionate, but I've been at the shelter twice to handle and also just observe them (today for 4 hours)and I haven't really seen them "play" at all.

Is it possible that some healthy kittens just don't really play and.... will this indicate that they're sure to be little couch-potatoes when they get older? I have a 9 year old brown/orange tiger-stripe DSH female that's also sweet and timid (which is why I originally considered adopting less "wild" kittnes), but my 9 year old still has regular spurts of the fun-'n-friskies. I'm concerned that the babies will be OVERLY calm and won't be a good match for her.

I can't tell if they're just too young and maybe uncomfortable at the shelter(most of the playful kittens are bigger)or if it's a trait of the longer- than-short hair in their breed mix or.....?

I've REALLY connected with them but it's not just about me, it's about my 9 year old kitty, too.

Any thoughts before tomorrow? Help!

It would be highly unusual for kittens not to play. In fact, I would think kittens that never play could have an illness of some sort. HOWEVER, in a shelter setting, kittens can indeed be so timid that they barely move around.

You could get them home and find they are quite rowdy or they could be playful but still on the quiet side. There is no way to predict, except that it seems like they are very sweet and rather shy and it would seem to me to be a good match for your older cat.

Just be very sure that they are not being so still because they are sick. Make sure they have had a good veterinary exam and have been tested for FeLV and FIV. Also check for fleas and internal parasites.

Beyond that, they sound adorable and seem as if they could be great company for you and your older kitty.

Dr. Neely

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