Kitten is hurt - has a cut to her right side above her leg


This is a stray kitten and she seems to have gotten under a car when it was started but the wound is just the skin what can i do to help her heal I have brought her inside and put a carrier and food and water along with a litterbox in a bath room she is walking but i need to know if i should put any antibotic cream and a bandage on this I live on a fixed income have no money to go to a vet can you please tell me what i can do I just love animals


Keep the wound clean with warm water and a soft cloth and patting it. You can also use hydrogen peroxide. Apply skin antibiotic cream that you get from the pharmacy for people -- something like Neomycin. You can apply the cream 2 to 3 times daily, just a very small amount. Don't worry if the kitten licks the wound.

If it starts to have a whitish or yellowish or greenish discharge or feel hot, look swollen or red, or have a horrible odor, she really needs to see a vet.
Dr Neely

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