Kitten Skin Torn

by Brandy
(Morehead, KY)

My kitten got stuck in the belt of our car. We've got him to where he's doing ok, but it tore the skin off one of his legs. I was just wondering if the skin will grow back? Or will my kitten need stitches? There's no open break, just exposed muscle.

Dear Brandy,

Please bring your kitten to a veterinarian immediately. Any time there is such a severe injury to a cat, immediate veterinary attention is necessary. We are not available to answer questions at all times, and even if we were, would not be able to do anything to help your kitten over the internet. There is serious risk for infection, not to mention how painful this injury is for your kitten.

If you haven't done so already, please run, don't walk, to a veterinarian immediately.

Dr. Neely

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