Kitten Still Nursing

by Susan
(Scottsdale, AZ)

Lucy Playing  Hide-and-Seek

Lucy Playing Hide-and-Seek

Hi Dr. Neely,

We got a kitten from a pet store, we have had her for 1 month and she is still wants to nurse. She is 3 1/2 months old. Any suggestions on how I can get her to stop. She keeps wakes me up 2 times a night. I put her by her food, tried a pet baby bottle and push her away. I need some help.
Thank you Sleepy-

Hi, Susan:

There's a question so similar to yours that I would like you to read it first and then if you have further questions, write back. Here's the link: KITTEN STILL WANTING TO NURSE

Thank you SO much for the picture. She is so cute and is going to be so beautiful when she grows up. She looks very sweet also and has the look of a kitten that needs a little extra cuddling and reassurance. Some need a little more time with the Mother Cat and when they don't get it, the behavior you describe results.

One thing I will add is that in general, the more you give in to what a kitty wants, the more they will want it and annoy you until they get it. Don't use the baby bottle, don't give in to her requests during the day or ever and before long she won't bother you at night.

Also, sometimes a stuffed animal, soft music, and a night light will help.

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