Kitten with Digestive Problems

My dad has a barn cat and there's no way he'll pay for a vet to see it. It is about 2 or 3 months old but it hasn't grown in this past month. For the past week it seems it would try really hard to poop but it couldn't and now today it started having diarrhea.

I'm sorry that I am unable to do more to help over the internet, but this kitten needs veterinary attention. I understand your situation, but you may need to contact local no-kill animal shelters, veterinarians, or enroll in a program called CareCredit to cover the veterinary expenses for this kitten.

The possible causes for the cat illness symptoms you described are endless, and without seeing your cat for an exam, including a fecal analysis, in person, I couldn't begin to diagnose your dad's kitten. Even if I could, though, it would not take the place of the necessary medical treatment your kitten needs.

Please find some way of getting veterinary care for this kitten, because without treatment, the kitten could die. If you haven't done so already, you may want to look into pet insurance or research some plans for your father to consider to help compensate for veterinary expenses, and make it more likely that your dad's cats, even if they are barn cats, can get veterinary care.

Kindest regards,
Dr. Neely

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