Kitten's Breathing

by Tiffany


I have noticed that my kitten seems to breathe at a faster rate than my 2 adult cats. Her breathing doesn't seems labored, just faster. Do kittens have a faster breathing rate than adult cats?

Hi, Tiffany,

Yes, they can, especially when they are awake and active and playing, which is what they usually do when they are awake. That and eating.

The best time to watch breathing is when the kitten is sound asleep. Any other time, breathing can be confused with purring or breathing can be faster from activity.

Watch your kitten breathe when sound asleep and absolutely not purring. If there is no increased effort and the breathing is not noisy and the rate is somewhere between 20 and 40 breaths per minute, and the kitten is active at all times and playful and eats well, then you most likely have no problem.

Thanks for writing,
Dr. Neely

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