Kitten's Hind Legs

by Suzanne

Chloe, my cat, just had a litter of four kittens. All are thriving. They are eating, warm, whining when hungry, etc.

One of the two that were born first has hind legs that are facing the wrong way. She drags the hind legs behind her and uses front legs to get around. The front legs are very strong and she pulls herself to mama to eat... everything else seems ok. The legs are warm, but no movement. I believe the paws moved, but that's it.

I haven't taken her to a vet because everything else is fine and due to the fact that the litter is only four days old. What do you suggest I do next?

Can a cat survive indoors without the back legs? Could something inside be wrong too? Are prosthetics an option? :-)

I'd really like for this to have a happy ending.... Thank you!

Dear Suzanne,

I would suggest that you give this kitten some time. I have seen many kittens born this way that, over a period of weeks to months, are able to walk quite well. If you have seen movement in the kitten's toes and paws, that is an encouraging sign.

Only time will tell for certain, but right now, it is far too soon to assume that your kitten will never walk!

However, should that turn out to be the case, another reader has generously shared information with us on this page

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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