Kitty 1999-2010

by Shell Lewis
(Los Angeles CA)

I lost my "kitty" 2 days ago suddenly and it seems like forever without him. We still don't know exactly what happened, but apparently he had a long term illness that we were not aware of, and that morning he died, his system shut down.

When we got to the emergency room and I saw the look on the Vet's face, I knew he wasn't going to make it. Although I had to make the decision to euthanize him, I still agonize over it. It was awful and I miss him so much.

I know everyone says they had the best cat ever, but my guy was truly unique. I got him almost 11 years ago when he was 5 weeks old, at one of the worst times of my life.

He was the best napper, snuggler, fetcher and loved to be held for hours. He was always at the door waiting for me when I got home.

My kitty's personality was such that whenever I had guests, they always asked if they could sleep with him!!

I know it will take time, but right now it seems so overwhelming. I am going to post a picture of kitty in his favorite spot!!

Comments for Kitty 1999-2010

Im sorry
by: gus mom

I know how you feel , i lost my baby too and he must of been sick and i just didnt know.I lost my bestfriend and it hurts .I so sorry about your loss i really know how you feel really

They always live on in our Hearts~
by: Kirin Kat

I know you miss your dear one. The same thing happened to my Sweet Smokey Joe over a year ago now. But the memories flourish and time heals some wounds, but never all. Remember now they are together up over the glorious Rainbow Bridge together playing and in no pain.
XOX Kirin Kat & her beloved Smokey Joe

Love never dies
by: Lisa

We all think every one of our pets is special, but the bond between you and Kitty went beyond that. That bond will last for eternity, and the two of you will one day be reunited to rekindle it and once again hold each other close, never to be parted again.

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