Kitty 6 April 1994 - 16 June 2012

I loved you from the day you came into my life. You were so gentle.

My life seems so empty. Did I do the right thing by letting you go? Should I have held on for a while longer? I don't know , but I could see pain in your eyes, and your quality of life was no longer. I held you in your last moments and I felt you hold onto me.

I am totally devastated and heartbroken and finding this so difficult to come to terms with you not been here with me. If I could just hold you one more time...

Comments for Kitty 6 April 1994 - 16 June 2012

For Lisa
by: Anonymous

So sorry Lisa, I know how you are feeling. I still miss Kitty so. Kitty is buried in my garden so I go to sit and talk to her. I just want to hold her one more time. You are not alone xxxx

I'm so sorry.......
by: Lisa

I know exactly how you are feeling. We had to let our baby go to kitty heaven yesterday and I have been crying non stop. I can't keep any food down and have been walking around like a zombie. I don't know what to do. Elliot was my best friend for almost 13 years.

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