Libby Oct 1996-April 2, 2011

by Jodie Gary
(Shreveport LA)

Libby was a stray that I got from Libbey glass 15 years ago. She had been hurt by a forklift her right hip was broken and while she would search for food scraps this leg was in the air. We took her to a vet and it had mostly healed so she ended up running a little strange, but she had a built in clock for the time to eat. This was 4:30 AM and 2:30 PM.

In the morning she would be very vocal and if Sharon would not get up, Libby would pat her. And if that would not work, she would head butt Sharon. She spent most of her life with OT, our male cat we lost last year. We called them the married couple.

Well, she had breast cancer and after about 8 months we had to say goodbye to another fine pet. We buried her next to OT.

Within the pet cemetery lie some of god's greatest gifts than can be loaned for a short time to us. Sharon and I will miss Libby, just as we do all that we have lost before her. We wish to thank Dr. Coker and her staff for the care that she gave our pets.

Comments for Libby Oct 1996-April 2, 2011

by: Jamie Williams

I know you will miss her but she left both of you some great memories. Just be proud of the life she had with you and Sharon. You rescued her and I know she loved you dearly.

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