Litter Box Problems

by a reader

Our cat Lulu is six months old and has been using the litter box up until last week. We were on vacation and she decided to use my closet and bathtub as her litterbox instead.

We do have another cat, Pumpkin, and he is a 1-year-old. They get along well and play together.

Any suggestions on getting Lulu back on track with the litterbox? She has been using it since we got back, but sometimes she goes just outside the box.


I would recommend you read "Litter Box Problems" under our Cat Behavior section and apply it to your own situation. I'm not in any way avoiding giving your question personal attention, but much of what you need to know is either under the Behavior section or Urinary Tract section. After reading and trying those suggestions, feel free to write back if you still have problems or further questions.

Thank you for writing!!!!!
Dr. Neely