mammary gland cancer

by Linda Anderson
(Beverly Hills, fl)

My female kitty was diagnosed with mammary gland cancer 2 months ago, 6 months before that they had removed a tumor and told me it was benign.well more grew back and i should of brought her into the vet sooner and maybe they would have removed them them. but instead dr said she couldnt that it will spread even more. Gizzy has 2 big tumors on belly almost the size of a golf ball, also under armpit big tumor same size with clusters growing off of it. So far shes eating, drinking, roams around the house , is playful if you play with her. She doesnt seem to be in any discomfort as of yet.My question is should I put her down now or wait to see if it gets in the of her walking? Will she let me know when its time? Can they be drained? I also put her on Petalive C-caps its for pets with cancer.. Have you heard of this? Its suppose to increase energy, slow down growth of tumors breaks down cancer cells. shes been on it for 2 months but Cant tell much if its working.
Thank You
Linda Anderson

Dear Linda,

I am so sorry for your misfortune. It's unfortunate the tumors weren't discovered much earlier and removed. However, even in that situation, you can never be sure of cure.

I don't think you have to euthanize her until you can tell she is suffering or has no quality of life. When they happens, you will know. She will stop eating or the lumps will abscess and be infected and uncomfortable or she won't be able to walk well. She will tell you.

As far as homeopathic remedies, again nothing is certain, but I see no harm in trying. Just try to enjoy her and keep her comfortable and let her go when the time is necessary for her sake.

My best to you,
Dr. Neely

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