Midnight: 2006-2010 R.I.P.

We adopted our beloved Midnight as a kitten of two months. He was the small but the only kitten that my little sister could hold without being bitten or scratched.

He instantly became part of the family; much to the dismay of my 6 year old golden retriever! We never had a cat before and we were surprised at how loving and affectionate a cat could be.

After three years of wonderful times we noticed that Midnight was breathing strangely. His sides would expand and then collapse into his stomach. We planned on taking him to the vet but we never did and never got to. We left for a quick visit to our cabin. (We lost our 10 year old golden 7 months previous to the visit(R.I.P. Sandy).

When we came back I found him under a table. I thought he was sleeping so I reached under and touched him. He was cold and hard. We didn't know what to do! He was barely 4! The vet believes that he died of cancer.

We only knew him for 4 years but he became our family. We have grieved so hard for him and will forever miss him!

Midnight, you will forever be a part of our lives! We love you SO much!!!

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