miles 24 november 2009

by bill f

Son Miles

Son Miles

My wife and I were married 8 years before we owned a place that would allow a cat, our first home. We had little but we had Miles and loved his little soul each day. I played with him each night creating toys and games, my wife treated him like a baby, her son. He died a few days ago, we believe he had a tumor,he was barely 7 and really took our hearts with him. We gave him a wonderful burial and have been finding old photos and his old toys he left behind. I know our hearts will heal I just hope to take his love of life, his brave spirit and innocence and keep it with me always. Memento Miles,gone too soon,see you on the other side.

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My Thoughts Are With You
by: Dr. Neely

Your memorial brought me to tears. You obviously loved Miles so much. I and so many others understand how you feel and know what you are going through. I can see in his picture what a great cat he must have been. Thank you for sharing and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Best, Dr. Neely

My heart goes out to you and yours
by: Kirin Kat

It's such a sad day in the world when our loving feline family passes on. But know that with your postings and pictures and memoirs, his life will not be forgotten. He will live on in our hearts, and the people who really love cats. Your Miles is now over the Rainbow Bridge playing and running with my own Smokey Joe who passed on back in April. I will never forget him as you will never forget your precious Miles. Eventually we will all be with them once again.

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